Public Engagement & Media Coverage

Public Impact

My 2018 co-authored Unequal Treatment report examining racial-ethnic inequalities in Miami’s criminal justice system earned me the Rodney Thaxton Racial Justice Award from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Florida, garnered considerable media attention, and spawned racial justice reforms by Florida’s 11th Judicial Circuit. To broaden the project’s impact, we created a website hosting infographics and Spanish language summaries along with the full report (

My research has been featured prominently in national policy discussions concerning capital punishment. For example, in 2012, Federal Judge Arthur Alarcón cited my research on Los Angeles County’s death-penalty costs entitled “Prosecutorial Discretion, Hidden Costs, and the Death Penalty” in his highly publicized co-authored article on capital punishment. After reviewing our research, the California Legislative Analyst’s Office incorporated the findings into the California Voter Guide on Proposition 34 (Death Penalty Initiative Statute). This article was also cited in the Arizona Supreme Court case Bush v. Arizona (139 S. Ct. 1546, 2019).

National Media

  • “Where Lynching Terrorized Black Americans, Corporal Punishment In Schools Lives On.” Available at Featured Huffington Post.
  • “Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s claim that a violent crime wave is sweeping the nation.” Washington Post. Available at

ACLU Report Coverage

  • “Eleventh Judicial Circuit Response to ACLU of Florida/Greater Miami Report on Miami-Dade Criminal Justice System.” Available at
  • “State Attorney’s Office Response to ACLU of Florida Greater Miami Report on Miami-Dade Criminal Justice System.” Available at
  • “New Study Finds Black Hispanics In Miami-Dade Face Harsher Consequences In Criminal Justice System.” Available at
  • “Executive Director of ACLU Of Florida Discussed Newly Released Report” Available at
  • “Cops, courts in Miami-Dade harsher on blacks. New study details stark racial disparities.” Available at
  • “South Florida Attorneys Divided On ACLU Report Depicting Racially Biased Justice System in Miami-Dade” Available at
  • “Miami-Dade criminal justice system is harsher on people of color, ACLU says.” Available at
  • “Black Defendants Face Harsher Punishments as Race, Ethnicity Impact Miami-Dade Justice Decisions: ACLU.” Available at
  • “Miami’s Justice System Widely Discriminates Against Blacks, ACLU Report Warns.” Available at

Other Media Coverage

  • “Addressing Inequities: A&S faculty make vital contributions to the national conversation on fairness and inclusion.” College of Arts and Sciences magazine, fall 2020. Available at
  • “From lynching to corporal punishment, researcher connects the dots perpetuating racism.” Available at
  • “SunPass Problems, A Marjory Stoneman Douglas Dad & Disparities In Miami-Dade Arrests”. Available at
  • “The Inside-outs of Flipped Learning.” College of Arts and Sciences magazine, fall 2017 (pg. 17-21). Available at
  • “Local interracial marriage rates among highest in U.S., could impact culture, politics.” Treasure Coast Newspaper. Available at
  •  “Capital Decision: James Holmes’ prosecutors will seek the death penalty. How do they decide that?” Expert contributor. Available at

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